Built for investing

Madbyte coin assists private investments track their digital asset funds.

Diversified portfolio

Creating an optimized portfolio by selecting the best-performing cryptocurrencies to date.

MadCap & MadNode Rewards

Our rewards are similar to masternodes and PoS coins in that we reward coin holders.

Multi tiered benefits

Tiers have benefits that go beyond rewards, such as extra data, to the ability of using additional services.

Investing in the best

We’re proud to work with and invest in some of the top cryptocurrency platforms around the world.

Why we are here

We serve one purpose: to help you make the most of your investment.

Madbyte investments is our centerpiece and everything we do revolves around it. Top tier users have access to benefit from our investment platform to create their own private investment funds. 

MadCapX Members Portal

Membership portal for Madbyte coin [MBYT] investors


You can already find Madbyte Coin on CoinsControlOutletbit, CoinsMarketsNova Exchange and on occasion within the MadCap Members Portal. The goals for Madbyte Coin are placement on the largest exchanges, implementation in direct money-crypto exchange services and direct exchange between the crypto currencies. This is a long term project so we are taking these steps wisely and carefully in order to raise and stabilize the Madbyte Coin value.

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Technical Specifications

Coin Symbol: MBYT
Total coins: 270,000,000 MBYT
Algorithm: Scrypt Proof-Of-Work
Block reward: 100 MBYT

Source Code: Github

Wallets: Windows | Mac | Ubuntu Linux

Mining Pool
MBYT Stats



What is Madbyte investments?
Madbyte Investments assist private investors to create baskets of different cryptocurrencies through direct purchases of coins and the use of crypto mining technologies.

What is the size of Madbyte Investments?
As Madbyte investments are private only the top tier coin holders have that data. Over time the size of our investments will grow through value appreciation, as well as mining efforts to collect new coins.

What is a premine?
The premine are coins mined from the blockchain prior to the release of the coin to the public for mining. Madbyte’s premine is 30M coins, which equals 11% of our maximum Madbyte coin supply of 270M. Over 70% of our premine is used as an investment vehicle for the fund.

How can I invest?
You can buy a larger stake by special request from the MadCap membership site at a set price using Bitcoin or Litecoin. These coins can be also acquired at market prices on the Coins Control exchange.

Who manages our coins?
The premine and other coins we have are managed by the top tier members of Madbyte. With all members having a certain amount of say in the direction according to the amount of coins one holds.

Where does Madbyte invest in?
We have two approaches. First, we buy currencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins to benefit from their value appreciation. Second, we invest directly into mining technology to mine additional coins for Madbyte.

How do you provide transparency?
Transparency is a key value in our investment philosophy. Hence, we are creating a set of tools so investors can track the investments we are making inside the MadCap membership site.

What fees do I pay?
Fees are based on your tier level in our MadCapX system. We aim to have the lowest fees in the investment industry.

How can I get more information?
You can connect directly with our team through our social channels Discord, Twitter, Facebook or join the discussion on Bitcointalk.


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