Is cryptocurrency the fast food of the investment basket we hold?

A couple of months in cryptocurrency seems like a lifetime in comparison to a “normal” investment. Predictions are all over the place and eventually you just stop looking at the deluge of news bites proclaiming glory or doom. If you are investing and testing the waters, the more you can study and experiment, the better you will do.

On our site, Madbyte.com, we have started putting more effort into our blogging. One of the posts from last week was profiling how someone had invested $500 and turned it into $100,000 over a one year period. The article brings up day trading, the 5% rule, the terms “hodling”, “buy the dip” among several others. It is important to learn as much as you can but also be sure to start small and test the techniques you have learned before venturing forth with larger risks. Read the full blog post.


Are you on Telegram? So are we!
It is a new group but has good energy and great advice from our community members and the core team. Don’t invest in Madbyte without doing your research and talking with us on one of the chat platforms. Discord is the other place we hang out. Join Discord using https://discord.gg/jCcWETB and our Telegram group using http://t.me/madbyte2018. 


The Madbyte coin is currently listed on 3 exchanges. Each one has had growing pains as of late.

  • Novaexchange.com has gone into half shutdown mode by not allowing deposits or new users, but has announced that they will be back in business very soon.
  • CoinsMarkets.com has been in “Server Maintenance” mode for many weeks now as they updated servers and work on getting proper hosting figured out.
  • Outletbit.com is completely down as they update their platform.


In the crypto space the saying goes “don’t ever leave more on an exchange than you are willing to lose”. We are actively looking for more exchanges to get listed on in the near future. If you are a Madbyte coin holder of 8000 or more, you can request to join the MadCapX.com membership area.


There you can start earning monthly rewards by staking your coin in our MadCap program. It has 7 tiers ranging from Junior Member (requiring you to hold 8000 coins) to Founder level (requiring you to hold 2,500,000 coins).


Another benefit of becoming a member is you get access to our private partner chats. The higher the stake you hold, the more benefits and rewards. We have many more things to announce over the next few months. Stay tuned.

All the best, Madbyte Team – madbyte.com

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